Wednesday, 1 April 2015

It's not us! New report casts doubt on Anthropogenic source of climate change!

Once the news gets out about the new paper published in the obscure but worthy Journal of Mythological Climate Studies there is going to be a lot of trouble.

The new report from academics in Iceland claims that humans are NOT the cause of climate change. After extensive research. they say, it has been established that Trolls are the principle source of the hot air - via CO2 and methane emissions.

Iceland has long included consideration for elves and trolls in its legislation, for example making sure that roads and other developments avoid certain stones and features in the local landscape which are said to be occupied by mythological beings: Guardian, 25/03/15 .

But the new research is truly unbelievable. "According to the data gathered," we were told by lead scientist Arne Illbebaackersson, "we have historically vastly underestimated the volume of emissions generated by Trolls and other quasi-human entities. Once these new estimates are incorporated into climate models the correlation becomes obvious."

Dr Illbebackerrsson's team has been collecting data from around elf-stones for more than a decade and their new paper shows the correlations in startling detail. Unfortunately, the article is paywalled so this blogger cannot provide a link.

Similar material published in nature and reported by well-known blogger Rabett (here) attributes the origins elsewhere, based on the same core evidence.

Famed climate scientist Michael Mann was unavailable for comment.


  1. If one could only harvest all the hot air emitted by all the Dr. Deniarssons (and Deniardaughters) we might have quite a source of energy there!

    I write this to a symphony (not) of leafblowers, a concert of pollution and obnoxity.

    1. Your response, perhaps inadvertently, serves as a prime illustration of what we are facing in the modern world. Once, leaves were brushed into piles by people with yard brushes. Once, people wrote things on paper. We have become so familiar with the use of motors and the power to yield them that we have almost forgotten that most jobs can be done in other ways, and really, it just isn't that much more convenient in many cases.

    2. advertent; a pet peeve and thanks for enlarging on the point. I enjoyed this:


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