Friday, 17 April 2015

On notice

I've tried to sustain this blog for a while, feeling that there is still room for some odd thinking here and there, but events have conspired to make it rather more difficult in future.

In short, I'm starting a new job next week which is likely to demand a fair bit of my 'spare' time and a whole chunk of energy.

Luckily for the climate science debate, this isn't a significant contributor, my viewers are eclectic, if high quality (thanks, chaps), and  a lot of what I cover features elsewhere, with a slightly different slant.

Sometimes I pick up on things which seem to have gone under the radar, and I wish that a few more people had seen what I saw as significant, but readerships have a way of telling the story in their way, too.

I don't intend to abandon writing about climate and related issues, but it could be some weeks between messages (yes, real hiati) , but regulars have got used to that.

Its also highly likely that my regular appearances in the commentariat elsewhere will be curtailed.

Thank you for your support and patience. When it matters, I'll still be posting, especially after the General Election, where I have been supporting the Green Party and getting involved locally.